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Bar lighting

Most people nowadays judge the quality of a bar by how well or poor it is lit. Proper lighting system brings in a look of elegance and ambiance; two key ingredients that make a quality pub. A bar lighting design can create a sense of comfort, warmth and intimacy. This provides a chic and cool place for people to relax in at whatever time of the day or night. There are those who may want to read a book or a newspaper when drinking and this can only be accomplished in a well lit room.

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Kitchen lighting

Kitchen lights are an essential and needed additive to your household, and the right kitchen lights can make When considering which lighting solution to incorporate into your home, it is important to go over the advantages in which they will bring. Pot lights can bring up many benefits to the purchaser and carry out their duties with high proficiency and effectiveness. Placing these lights along the perimeter of your kitchen ceiling will alter to your space to create a sense of enlargement, using a “pushed back” appearance to make the room appear more spacious. This is very noticeable to the eye and many of your family, friends and visitors will look fondly upon your capacious space.

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Bathroom lighting

Bathrooms are generally restricted areas in home without natural lighting; hence proper lighting becomes all the more important in bathrooms. Perfectly blended lighting fixtures can enhance the look of this room to a great extent. Bathroom lighting is not just about installing a single fixture to lighten up the entire room. Thinking about the lighting and considering all the functions of the bathroom can help enhance the look of the room. Efficient lighting allows you to carry out all related functions easily, without causing any discomfort.

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Living room lighting- The perimeter lighting

Potlights are placed along the walls in a rectangle and spread the light directly down, slightly towards the middle of the room. This is great for a cocktail party or other social event, when people stand and mingle, because it creates diffused, even lighting everywhere in the room, making the drink/appetizer stations visible and easy to use, and allows for mingling of guests and a general feeling of a friendly and welcoming space. Adjust the light during the evening to provide for the different moods of the gathering or dim it down to make a darker area in the middle to be used as a dance floor.

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Office lighting

Installing the right home office lighting has a significant positive impact on your productivity, your finances, and most importantly, your health. Dim or weak lighting can lower your work efficiency because of the strain it puts on your eyes. Upgrading your office lighting with pot lights will boost your overall working environment and cut down on costs. Installing pot lights will lower your energy consumption because LED fixtures burn significantly fewer watts for the same light output.